What Do Our Customers Think?

Since we first began taking orders, we've received nothing but overwhelmingly positive feedback from our customers. Here's just a sample of what our customers are saying about House Full of Games:

House Full of Games provided prompt service and informative emails. I will definitely use this merchant again for future game purchases.
George S. of Sausalito, California

I have to say, this is one of the best online shopping experiences I've had. The products were heavily discounted, and when I went to make shipping arrangements I found that because I live near the store they would bring the order by my house personally, for free. I placed the order after midnight one night and had it in my hands before noon the next morning. I actually got the games *before* the confirmation email saying my order had shipped. Invoice and packaging was really carefully done and friendly too. These people are totally dedicated. I can't say enough in favor.
Marry M. of Bellevue, Washington

Very good site with good prices and with prompt shipping.
Oscar O. of Barranquitas, Puerto Rico

This was great customer service! I was kept aware of a known delay in shipping by email (the game just came out!), when my packaged was shipped, and when to expect it. The games arrived in perfect condition and a personalized note came on the shipping invoice to contact if there was any problems - which there weren't. Even had some M&Ms for enjoying the first gaming experience. I will definitely buy from this company again.
Gary G. of Clinton, Utah

These guys are great! Excellent customer service and lots of shipping options.
Jared W. of Los Lunas, New Mexico

There were so many games to choose from that I couldn't decide which to pick, so I used the site's "Can't decide? Let us help!" feature. I filled out the simple form which outlined my age, gender and types of games I enjoyed playing, and sent it off, thinking I would receive a reply in a day or two, since it was after business hours. Imagine my surprise when I received a personal answer within an hour! The gentleman's reply was detailed, friendly and offered several suggestions for games my friends and I might enjoy. I ordered two of the games he recommended and really enjoy playing both. I might have been tempted to order my games from a known name like Amazon.com but for the detailed and personal response I received back so quickly from this company. I will definitely pay a visit to House Full of games next time I'm in the market for a new game!
Monika M. of Royersford, Pensylvania

These guys are great. They hand delivered my shipment and included a tasty sugary treat to boot! This is where I'll buy games from now on!
Jonathan K. of Bellevue, Washington

WOW! Great selection of interesting and unusual games. Games you're not likely to find at your local stores. My niece is extremely pleased with her birthday gift from House Full of Games and we'll definitely shop here in the future. I found the customer service to be superior. We live in Alaska, and the gentleman at HFOG didn't hesitate in finding the fastest and least expensive shipping options for me.
Sally M. of Anchorage, Alaska

My new favorite game store! Getting free local delivery just made it all the better. Thanks!
Stephen C. of Redmond, Washington

All quotes are from real customers, used with permission. They have been edited for punctuation and spelling but the content is unaltered.