Return Policy

We will be happy to accept returns of unopened merchandise. Under certain exceptional circumstances, we may also accept returns of opened merchandise. You will be responsible to pay for shipping on any returns. You will be refunded the purchase price along with any sales tax. Shipping charges cannot be refunded.

Missing or damaged game components are best dealt with by the game's publisher. For such cases, we encourage you to contact the game publisher first. They are usually quite forthright and eager to help rectify any problems that are the result of production errors. If they can't or won't help you then contact us and we will try and rectify your problem.

Please email us to receive a return authorization (RA) number before returning any merchandise. Include the name of the game you wish to return, the date the game was purchased, your name, address and phone number (so we can locate the original order and follow up if necessary) and the reason that you are requesting a return authorization. We will not accept any returns without an RA number.

For all returns, along with the game please include the purchase date, as well as the name, address and phone number of the person who placed the order. Write the RA number on the OUTSIDE of the box. Boxes that arrive with out an RA# may be returned unopened.

Product Availability, Special Orders and Held Orders

The product availability listed on our site represents our current understanding of inventory accross all of our warehouses. Occasionally it happens that a product is listed as available when it is actually out of stock. (Most frequently this is because someone has just placed an order and the item hasn't yet been removed from our database.) In such cases you will be notified by email.

Items that are not in stock at our main location (in Redmond, Washington) but which are in stock at one of our other warehouses are listed as Special Order. In most cases, ordering such an item will not delay your order but in some cases, particularly if the order includes many items, your order might be placed on hold while we consolidate items for shipping. Also, if your order contains an item that is out of stock or preorder then the entire order will be placed on hold until all items in the order can be sent together. This is necessary because shipping charges are calculated for the entire order as a single unit. For this reason, you may wish to break up orders so that items that you know are out of stock are separate from items that you need right away. If we expect the delay to be lengthy we will send you email informing you of the situation at which point you are more than welcome to request special arrangements.

We reserve the right to cancel orders that have been on hold for longer than 30 days. In such cases, you will be informed by email. Naturally, you are free to then place the order again if you wish.

For technical reasons, PayPal orders must be billed when the order is placed. Naturally we will refund any PayPal orders which we do not ship.

Official PayPal Seal


We prefer to take payment through Yahoo! Store's shopping cart system which accepts payments via PayPal.

Shipping Policy

We charge a flat shipping and handling fee of $10 for all UPS Ground orders (to a single address) within the continental United States that total up to $150. UPS Ground orders above $150 are shipped for $5.

UPS 2nd Day Air and Next Day Air orders are charged based on destination and weight using UPS' own tables.

Orders are typically shipped on the morning of the next business day after they are received.

We do not currently offer shipping to locations outside of the USA.

Is it worthwhile to ship 2nd Day Air or Next Day Air? Probably not. If you choose UPS Ground, most locations in the US are less than three days away from one of our warehouses. 2nd Day Air and Next Day Air are very expensive and UPS Ground may be just as fast to your location.

Want to know how long your shipment might take? Click here!

Please note that all weights listed on this site are estimates and are usually rounded up to the nearest pound. They are provided as a service to our customers. We do not guarantee that they are always completely accurate.

Personal Delivery Offer

If your shipping address is one of the following Washington state zip codes then we will be happy to deliver your order free of charge. If your shipping address is one of the following Washington state zip codes then we will still be happy to personally deliver your order but we will charge a flat $2 fee to compensate for the additional mileage. If you are shipping to any of these locations, simply choose "Personal Delivery" from the shipping options list at checkout.

Note that we cannot deliver to PO boxes.

Also note that Special Order items will not be immediately available for personal delivery, since we will have to wait until we can restock the item at our Redmond location.

If for any reason we are unable to deliver your order we will notify you.

Just outside of our delivery zone? We'll be happy to deliver your package to a nearby location (for example: a Microsoft office, or a friend's house, or even our house). Note that the location must be a real address where we might expect to find someone waiting to take the order. We don't deliver to back alleys or parking lots. Please enter your address in the billing section, but enter the delivery address in the delivery section. That way the checkout process will allow you to choose the "Personal Delivery" shipping option.

Used Games

Unless marked otherwise, all of our games are new, direct from the manufacturer.

From time to time we may make used games available for purchase. These games are always clearly marked and their condition is clearly noted. Many of these games have been opened for demonstration, photography or review purposes and then played once or twice at most. We do our best to ensure that all used games on our site are complete. If you ever discover a piece is missing after purchasing a used game from us, please contact us and we will attempt to correct the problem.

We do not accept games on consignment. If you have a used game that you think we might be interested in purchasing, please feel free to let us know about it. We don't buy used games for resale very often but if it's particularly compelling then we might be interested.

Note that availability of used games is extremely unpredictable. We cannot accept pre-orders for used games. Also note that some games on our used game list may be games that for one reason or another we would not regularly carry.

Pricing Policy

We make a point of pricing our products very competitively but we would rather win a customer than haggle over a price. If you can find the same item for a lower price at another location, then send us email telling us the price and where you saw it. If we can verify the price, and it isn't below our cost, then we'll match it.

Gift Wrapping

We offer gift wrapping for an additional $2 per item. Gift wrapped items are individually wrapped in an attractive silver wrapping paper accented with a white ribbon suitable for any occasion. We can also include a small gift card with a short message at no extra charge.

Privacy Policy

We at House Full of Games take your privacy and security very seriously. The checkout system used by this site is hosted by Yahoo! Store. Yahoo! hosts the ordering system, and order data. All sensitive information collected by this site, including inventory, pricing, and customer information is stored on Yahoo's secure servers. Yahoo! automatically collects order information but may only use this information in the aggregate. If you accessed this store through Yahoo! Shopping, Yahoo! also automatically collects information about your shopping experience. Please see the Yahoo! Privacy Policy for more information about how Yahoo! uses this information.

Also, be assured that we do not ever make our customer list available to others.

Age Recommendations

The age recommendations we have listed for games are just that: recommendations. They are provided by the manufacturer and do not always (or often) reflect reality. We here at House Full of Games are very aware that each child is different and some children are ready for things at an earlier age than others. For instance, our children seem to do just fine with games that are recommended for children two or three years older than they are. Please use the age recommendations on this site as a very rough guideline and use your own judgment when deciding which games are right for you and your family.

Also note that age recommendations are based on complexity, not content appropriateness. It is our policy never to carry games that we feel would be offensive to the average family.

About Washington State's Destination-Based Sales Tax

On July 1, 2008, Washington State legislation went into effect which changed the way that retail businesses must charge sales tax on goods shipped to locations within Washington State. Instead of charging sales tax based upon the origin of the shipment, sales tax is now charged based upon the destination. (Note that shipments to locations outside of Washington State are not affected by this legislation.)

House Full of Games, like many other on-line retailers, is using a third party shopping cart system (in our case, Yahoo! Stores) which does not give us the level of granularity necessary to fully comply with the intent of this new legislation. In order to identify the exact tax to be collected by every possible shipping location within the state of Washington, we would need to enter tax information for 34,687 different zip codes. Obviously this is neither reasonable nor practical. After consulting with the Washington State Department of Revenue, we have been advised to tax our Washington State customers at the maximum Washington State sales tax rate of %9. While we regret that this will result in some of our customers being slightly overcharged for sales tax, we have been advised that we have no better legal alternative.

If you feel (as we do) that this piece of legislation is incredibly ill-advised and can only harm our local economy, we urge you to contact your Washington State legislative representative and politely let them know how you feel.